Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Greatest Lil'Erika

see....she can sing ba..hehe..that's my beloved lil'cousin ERIKA!!she's only 4 years 9 months age..

-she's a very good lantang voice singer..
-look like a boy right?coz she's a lil'bit tomboyish, and never have long hair..
-very good in speech!haha..don't lawan her cakap, coz she will fight2 u back..
-love 2 wear jeans, hate girls sandal(but still,she wear the girly sandal that i bought for her and she keep it nicely and the girly baju that her sist bought)..
-like to be friend with big man, include my boyfriend..haha
-very friendly punya orang(she's a very well known in her dad's work place)
-very kuat jealous n kuat merajuk
-never kering poket!always have money to buy keropok
-had a lot of name-->erika, kika, kikuk, ombon, polikuk,n pokilok!hehe..

WA...lot lagi la about her..lazy suda ba mo taip..hehe..next time I'll continue la..

suddenly remember about her, that's y la i write about her..em..

PS:sorry for the unclear video, coz my hp still not the canggih 1 ba..

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