Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Maybe some of u ever heard this Idola Sabah 2005 competition. I am selected to be the Top10..haha..thats 2 years ago lah..Now, some of the Top10 and Top15 of Idola Sabah 2005 succeed..I guess..

Nordawati Daud @ Nora Af4, Andy MystarLg, Rosdee @ DD & Sumarli represent Sabah for the Suara Emas BIntang RTM 2007, Zalina Kassim represent Sabah for the Suara Merdeka 2007, Ridah is an actress now(her latest Telemovie is Esther Estera), Wilton Hamdih is local Dusun singer(his 'Siou Noh' single is still in RTM Sinding Bontugan charts). And the rest, already got a good career. Some still 'tanam anggur'..haha.. And me? Still have to finish my study..

Ridah said, Datuk Jeffry Kitingan(main sponsored of Idola Sabah 2005) wants all of us to be reunite..I am looking forward to hear the upcoming news from them. Surely, i miss them a lot..Tony Francis Gitom, Big J, Abg.ALi, Troy, Atama, Sir Roslan. All of them lah, if i mention their name here, too many bah..I'll be very happy if the plan is on..yeah..

Us at Keningau, during meet the fans..(ada meh????)

Pangkis(Andy, Bryan, Sumarli, Azmi, DD)
Celcom In Play Futsal Fiesta 2005, us(me, DD, Waty) being Ridah's backup singer

Hotlink On Tour '05 @ Sabah at Labuan with Atama, Big J, Kay WORM, Pangkis, & Idola Sabah 2005

the top15 with the groups

Latest news of the former top10 Idola Sabah is Ednestha
This is Nenesh

The latest info i know, Ednestha@Nenesh@Baby was selected for the top40 for 1 of our popular reality show in Malaysia, One In A Million season 2..10 Sabahan was selected for the top80, only 6 of them still in the running to be the winner of OIAM 2..and the 6 Sabahan are, Ednestha@Nenesh@Baby, Norayu @ Ayu, Ferr, Gideon, Mark, and Shown


Cometh said...

Cool, let me guess..you love singing??? =p

mArMaLaDe said...

cometh: 100% yes!but now, am bz with my studies..hehe..

limadang.com said...

marmalade..then u want to be a singer la this.. :) hehehe..true or not..

mArMaLaDe said...

limadang.com: if got chance, i want to..but now, i'd love to find another job. but still got offer nyanyi, if ada function la..