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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Audition is not Easy

guys..u know how much i love to sing..but this year, i'm unlucky..go to teetttsss audition, but we din do our best...it's ok lah..
yesterday, am happy coz i got green light for stage 2..i waited for hours, then they told me n the other contestants who got green light/card to come tomoro for stage 3..here i come today, arrived at 9.30 am, but the audition for stage 3 started 1 hour later.. which i have to wait 1 more hour, coz there's 3 contestants before me..
when it comes to my turn, am a bit nervous..i was there inside the stage 3 room, they started asking about my audition..why i just write "i am talented" in the 'describe special things about u'..so i said that my personality wasn't good enough and bla..bla..bla..u know what guys, when people asked about my personality or my personal life, i will cry..i dunno why..but that's me.. maybe they gerigitan when they saw me crying.. u want the truth, u got it..huh..hate it when i cry..BIKIN MALU!
enough with that question, then the asked me about my studies..arrgghhh! it's hard!! CHECKMATE!! i dunno what else to say when they keep asking about my studies.. "we'll love to see you next year after u finish Ur studies".. angry, frustrated, sad, hurt..everything! honestly, i cried today.. sakit hati bah.. i accept the fact, where i didn't get the stage 4 form..but u don't sakit hati meh when they asked u to come back tomorrow, then u didn't get the stage 4 form..
But i will never give up.. kalo suda memang nda tau malu, gitu la..ahahaha...
just joking..
tomorrow, class will start..but i dunno where my baju batik, which we have to wear it every monday..huhu..men berani ja lor..
bah..iri-iri nopo kie..


Man-D said...

Oh, so when I saw u this morning, ko pg audition kah that? oh...patutlah...i thought ko pg church? hehehe...napa dii ko nda bgtau ko pg audition? klu nda, blh kami wish ko all d best...well, nvmlah Ruth...try next year k. We know that U R a good singer...we really know that...U R the best in our heart Ruth...that's the fact :)

ratu syura said...

audition untuk apa ni?? sorry la havent been following ur blog for so long oredi.. ketinggalan zaman.. well, i hope u do better next time around.. you have my support! :D

Jo C said...

Hi Ruth...
Well i think i know which audition yang ko pi ni, hihi.. nevermind, dont ever give up ya.. Try again n Am pretty sure u can make it next time..Wish you all the best! ;)

Naomi said...

Thought u didn't go! Coz i told jb about the audition and asked if u go, tapi dia ckp ko teda pgi. Rupa-rupanya ko pgi juga... hehe... If ppl asked u again about ur personality, just say that "I have Confidence in Everything I do" but mesti dgn confident juga mo ckp. Or maybe u can say "Attractive, Confident, Superb"... apa2 ja ko mau tambah. Mcm utk unduk ngadau punya ja sia berckp ni. kekeke... tapi at least kasi idea sikit kio! tulung-menulung... hehe. chaiyo chaiyo!

mArMaLaDe said...

man-d: ahaha...church? God bless me.. :) thanx ya...

ratu syura: nvm..ehehe...sa pg audition AF6..thanx for ur support!

joC: thanx ya....me will never give up!

naomi: ehehe...sa p try2 sja ba tu....tapi sedih jg la...next year bukan lg sa ckp 'I have Confidence in Everything I do" sa ckp lg, 'i'm educated than the other contestant...ceh..ahaha...JJ only... :)