Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, April 18, 2008


guys..it's been a hard week..iching..haha..no lah..i think i am having a great day everyday since the 'thing' happened to me..u guys wanna know?my fren n me(the one whom i said she hate me), kami ok sda..but wat had happened really hurt me..ada 'org' maki2 sa without knowing the truth..nvm la..so, since i knew she din hate me(but i'm absolutely sure she still mara me la), great things happen in my life..and u know wat, I'm happy coz i can answer my kuiz and midterm..but am a bit worried with my result juga la..i gagal one kuiz, TAX..huh..but nvm la, i've oredi try my best..and yet am still bz, doing my assignments, get ready for English,account, and audit pnya presentation..God Bless Me..

lately, i drink too much beer..and i think my sister right, the beer makan my daging!haha...think i lose weight, and turn to b a very skinny girl..which i hate so much..haha..wish that my weight is over 45..yeah..funny but real..haha..banayk sluar sa xmuat sda..LONGGAR..huhu..God bless me..ok lah..wana go jalan2 dlu..

~~lots of luv**mmuuaaxxxx**~~

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