Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, December 19, 2008


yes..it's over between me n politeknik..lols..i'm very excited, wondering what will happen to me after this..bukan mau temberang, but i really did my best time final exam, except some of the papers..lol..Thank God..Finlay I'd finish my studies..betul ka bahasa sa..haha..my English masih so-so..and i really hope that I'll get a good result, never got pointer tinggi before, so this final semester I'm hopping to get 3.5 above ka..macam2 la juga..haha..

but, i am really sad coz I'm surely gonna miss all my classmates..maybe, if convo sama2, we'll meet again April next year..some of them tinggal jauh sikit dari kk, so memang susah la mo hang out, except the Kepayan n d gang, d Tuaran, Tamparuli and Penampang tu dapat jumpa la..sob..sob..AND I'm also sad coz some of them still ego tahap dewa mo sombong2..FANATIC?????lols..i am fanatic with poly, since this is my last year..to those people yang anggap dia betul ja, prove it TO US..flashing2 dpn tu yang besar pun mo cakap fanatik ka?kici a.k.a sempit betul tu otak..bagus lagi Sylar..lols..haha..masih lagi mo komplen bah..jahat kan..but yala, nobody's perfect, but sometimes u have to try to understand other people punya feelings kan..me myself did made a mistakes..so, past is past..

but then, I'll only remember the great memories with them, the bitter?I'll throw it in the rubbish..I LOVE U GUYS and GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING U DO..

~with a great big hug n a kiss from me to u, won't u say u love me too~

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