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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Need A Job

I am so bored. I’ve done nothing at home or even when I’m out of nowhere. I guess I really need a job, well I did get a job but the ‘boss’ have not yet tell me the exact date to ‘attend’ the office. Maybe he’s too busy with his own work. But I’m kinda feel uncomfortable, the ‘boss’ seems like didn’t really want me to be part of the job. Last time, the ‘boss’ said he wanted to give a little brief about the job, so I have to join them somewhere for their project, so I joined them. But, when I join them, I didn’t hear anything except a question about my expected salary. How can I tell the exact RM I want, since I didn’t know how much will I do for the job, but actually I did mentioned about it long-long time ago..lol.. We’ve met 1 month ago, so I think the ‘boss’ still remember (maybe he wants me to lower the price...macam kes jual beli pula). I don’t really want the job, but I have to accept the job since I need to gain experience. I hate it when I saw job advertisements that I think suitable for me, but at the end of the job’s qualification, ‘1-4 YEARS EXPERIENCE’ or ‘EXPERIENCE NEEDED’. But I admit that experience is really necessary if we want to apply for a job that suits us. Let say, fresh graduated account student Vs experienced accountant, sudah terang-terang the experienced accountant will get the job kan. Back to the job that I am still waiting (actually already confirm), I really hope that I’ll start working very soon. I don’t really care how hard it would be, as long as the salary is worth for the job I’ve done. I don’t expect much from them, because I’m only in the secretariat department..lol.. If not because of my friend, I won’t get the job. Thanks to her. Though I don’t really want it, but I’ll still accept it. Don’t be too choosy laa. Anyways, I am still looking for another job. Just in case, someone else get the job.

Everyone have their own dream job right? As for me, I wanted to work in a bank. Not as a clerk, but as a Bank Manager or higher than that. Dream is just a dream if we didn’t do anything to achieve it. So I’ll say to myself, STOP DREAMING but START WORKING.

p/s: angan-angan mat jenin saja..sott

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