Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I love May!

Yeah I love May very much..hehe..Because i can join the Sugandoi Kaamatan..But I don't know where and when? DBKK's Sugandoi selection start this week for 3 days, unfortunately I don't like DBKK since I've experienced something really bad with some of the staff. Should I go or shouldn't I? I love to sing bah, but I'm so lazy this year. I wanna quit joining singing competition, but that's one of my 'sumber'..LOL.. So, buang dulu niat mau berhenti. Haha! Talking about Sugandoi kan, I've been joining this competition since I'm 13 or 14 or 15, which mean more than 5 years ago. Mesti orang boring suda tngok muka sa saja menyanyi kan? Haha! Let me tell u guys about my 'great' experience.

My worst Sugandoi moment is where i cried in front of hundreds(maybe) people. Actually there's a story behind the crying scene. The night before the finals, I had a big fight with my mom. My bad. Then during the finals, I saw my mom came to support me. My heart beats. And yes I CRIED. Everyone was surprised and I heard some of them said 'nda pernah ada orang nangis time menyanyi'. Well then, nobody knows how I feel. Tipu lah kalau sa cakap sa nda malu, but malu tu kejap ja. Ending dia, SA KALAH la. Adat bertanding sudah.

My sweet Sugandoi moment is where I was one of the semifinalist di peringkat negeri..lol..That was long long time ago, and the winner is Esther OIAM 3. And since I joined the competition(dulu2 dorang panggil Bintang Kaamatan), I've won some of it. 1st runner up for Tuaran District(2005), 2nd Runner up for Tuaran District 2008, and more. Kalau kampung2 sudah sa round. Banyak lagi piala sa menyanyi dari belajar. Haha! That is my passion, to sing and entertain people.

This year? Just wait and see. Btw, I really wanna try to join the Unduk Ngadau. But since I'm sooooo kurus, nda jadi laa. Hahaha!

"I have a dream, a song to sing"

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