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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't Stress. OK?

Not really stress la, but really stress. Huh? OK. I am stress. I am suppose to prepare a report for the company I work with. I ask this colleague about what should I prepare for the meeting other than the monthly report. He did, but I don't understand what he had told me. He's kinda bengong, so when a bengong man explain some bengong info, me also jadi bengong. Let say I ask about, what's 'this' stand for or what should be added 'here'. It's suppose to be in a two different section, but he gave me the same answer for both section. LOL. I am still new, been working with the company in less than 2months. So, yeah do not mad or angry if I don't know. Well of course it's normal, but it's my 1st try of presenting a report, really hope they won't give a negative comment laa. Just keep my fingers cross.

Anyways, I have not yet finish doing the report. Here I am still typing. LOL. The creditors thingy are making me bengong. The balance, and everything. Menyesal I didn't ask the other collegue, my mistake. The conclusion is, it's my fault ba. Teda keberanian mau tanya the 'mastermind', plus, the last minute preparation. Siapa suruh kan pemalas. Bengong suda ni, have no idea. Feels like quiting the job and find another job, but I can't because I'm still in a learning process. If I quit, then all my 'sacrifice' sia-sia saja. And I'm kinda liking the life as a worker, I mean like me working for something and get 'something' from it. I love it when I have my own money and spend it for me, my family, my babe, my friends. Maybe the $$ it's not that much, but that's the prove that I'm not useless. LOL. Mom always said I'm useless.

Huh. I'd better stop here. Nanti melalut entah apa lagi cerita. Lari dari topik. OK la.


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