Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's June!

Yay! Can't believe it's already JUNE. Getting older la sudah ni. Haha!
But..... Don't know dapat celebrate ka nda ni tahun, no $$$ for sure. Maybe will do a kampong style at our new house. LOL!

Anyways, hope u guys are ok there. Been lazy to update my blog, I'm badly addicted to FB. Macam nda pandai boring hari2 itu saja sa buat. Doi dogo! But i bet most of u also begitu kan, especialy kalau pasal main Mafia Wars, Pet Society, Farm Town, Poker..and lots more. Haha! Me also addicted to play all those game. But this week ada kurang2 juga la sikit, coz i forgot to bring my notebook(tertinggal di kampung) Haha!

I think my otak hari2 bingung becoz there's a lot of things to be settle. I'm sick of it, tired with it, but still happy coz i've gain experience. Penat macam mana pun, i'm glad that i did it. And now i'm still in the office(curi tulang jap..hehe), still bengong ni. Maybe lack of working skills. Huh? Yeah. LOL. Ok lah, that's all for now. See u guys later!


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