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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Yang Sungguh Boring

What a boring day! Kalau di kampung, suda lepak2 sama relatives. GOSIP2, minum, makan, ketawa riang suka duka. LOL! Actually, was invited to go to the ABM's open house today, but I don't know should i go, or shouldn't i. Lagipun sa belum berapa biasa, jadi malu la mau pegi. I wonder what's their plans today, I mean my cousin. They called me this morning and asked for my mom's number. I envies them a lot! And u guys in KK, i envy u guys too.

And my job. Somehow, I don't like it. But it doesn't mean I'm giving up, it's complicated. Can't accept some of their words. I know I have to learn it in a hardest way, but i wish they could give me more time. There's a lot more i need to know. Forgive me if i'm slow, i'm learning.

Anyways, i had a lot of fun with my family and realitives last week. Eventhough it's only for a few days, i enjoyed every second of it. Especially with my JB. He's actually working during raya holiday, so we only spent times when he's not working.

Urgh...Malas mau pegi kerja la besok.. sedih

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