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Sunday, October 4, 2009

K.L mari

I'm going to K.L for the 1st time on Tuesday. sengihnampakgigi Kesian ka? Ha ha! Gini la kalu orang teda duit ba. OK. It's not a 'for fun' trip, I have a course, well, training to be exact at Menara Maybank. Hmm.. Macam nda best ja kan, lain la kalau holiday. Yet, I'm excited! Never been there, so can't wait to see the place that everyone's are talking about. Well u know, girls. Still don't get it? What else, SHOPPING! Ha ha! I can't wait for it. After I knew I''ll be going for a training in KL, I haven't bought any clothes in KK, except for shoes lah. Hope my budget is enough kenyit Bah korang tau la, di tempat yang sa stay ni, nda banyak tempat mau shopping. Kan..

Another thing is, I can't wait to see my long lost friends. LOL! No lah, my classmates in highschool. Luckily, I'm not going to be alone there. Thank God I have them to be my tour guide kenyit
Guys, I need a favor. Where's the best place for shopping. Ermm..A place where I can found things which is not too expensive? Ha ha! Mau save budget juga.

Moreover, really hope that I won't get lost in the airport! *tingu map dulu jelir


maslight said...

Don't forget to eat delicious fewd. Oh man nasi lemak @_@"""

chegu carol said...

tidak cukup masa sa mo jumpa2 urg masa sa pigi sana. terjumpa si mel and dan as well as my former classmate saja. the rest, jalan2 shopping around pavilion and sg wang only.

how long u gonna be there?

chegu carol said...

dont worry about shopping, if u have your friends to guide u, sure they know where to guide u for shopping.

Madu Beracun said...

yay she's coming down to KL (^^,)v
hope u'll have a blast while u're here. shop like crazy till u drop hehe! bnyk tmpt shopping sini but my fav would be sunway pyramid, 1utama & time's square.
and jom p 'library' dkat the curve! clubbing kita! hehehekk

mArMaLaDe said...

massy: yeah! mesti makan banyak!hehehehehe..

chegu: sa pun jumpa clasmate ja ni, mayb some of fb's fren oso la..tu pun kalo sempat.. o ya, i'll be here for 5days, 3days sponsor, 2days, sendiri..aiya..hehhe..nda tau dpt shopping ka nda ni..

veron: ba ko bawa la sa!hahaha..sa nda tau sepa mo bawa ni..hehe