Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well, that's one of our office rules. The boss will get angry if he saw any of us SMSing during working hours. But to tell u the truth, me myself have no time to call either to sms people when i'm working. U see, my job is not easy as what other people think. Yes, they may say i'm lucky to be part of the bank. But, NO! U know, dealing with different kind of people, sarcasticly being critics and also doing sales. Plus, some other works that need to be done on that day. Luckily i'm not yet incharge in cash. Gila ko, mati la! Sedangkan mau layan customer pun sakit kepala!adus

Now I know how he feels. I always get angry when he didn't reply my sms, when he's actually have already told me he was busy. And now, it's my turn. When he smsed me, i said i'm still working, let me do my work 1st then i'll sms u later. See. Kesian ni. Luckily, he understand that. Coz he knows exactly how does it feel when u are still working, plus really busy, then someone smsed u and wants u too reply it asap. Aduinah, baru ku tau ba.

Pity me. Starts working from 8.30am to 6pm onwards, itu pun belum siap kerja. Sampai rumah pun lambat, pastu malam baru dapat sms koupusan sa. sedih But nvm la kan, that's how it suppose to be. Memang suda nama dia kerja kan, apa lagi kerja macam sa. But I salute my Madam(colleague), she knew almost everything! Thanx, because i learn a lot of things from her. Rasa la kamu kerja tempat sa. Menangis airmata darah. LOL!

Anyways, i hope for a better things. Sangat berharap untuk CONFIRM. I do believe that success came from ur own hardwork! sengihnampakgigi

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chegu carol said...

odoii...sian juga tia buli sms. but then again, if ur line of work requires ur fully concentration, not good juga lah kan bersms time kerja. if really ada emergency, you can always be reached via office telephone.