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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hi guys! How have u been? Life has been really tough, like, tougher than Dwayne Johnson maybe? LOL. Ok.
Haven't update my blog since months ago. Been really busy. I'm more on FB and Twitter now ~ kunun. A lot of things happened. Friendship. Work. Life.

Friendship. Hurm... Had a big fight with one of my friend. Cut short(wujud ka ni bahasa?haha!), it's all because of ego. We might have similarity that caused this stupid fight. Luckily, we're ok now. Honesty is what we really need in friendship. Moreover, i don't want that stupid fight affects other people's relationship. It's like, when some people said "oh, lupa kawan suda ba dia tu"(dia=me) and that person is on the other friend's side. NO, I'M NOT. I don't simply forget my friend, unless, that 'friend' forget me. I've cried a lot because of that, i don't wanna cry anymore. Let just try not to make the same mistake again. But seriously, i wonder am i their friend? hurm..

Work. I think I'm unlucky. My life has been taken by the bank and the cafe. LOL. I work 7days a week. Monday to Friday. Then Friday and Saturday. And Sunday. Yeah, and soon to be transfer to the Forex Booth(actually it's confirmed that i had been transfered effective last week) Oh btw, Mon to Fri ~ as always, being a very good-friendly officer in the bank. Fri and Sat nite ~ being a very sweet-adorable-sexy part time singer. Sat and Sun morning ~ being a very lazy Forex Booth officer. LOL! It's like, I don't have time for shopping, karaoke-ing, and all -ing2.. How sad is that? By the time being, I'm ok. I work hard for my family. But, what if I'm married? Plus, far from my family? We'll talk about it later, when I'm married ;P

Life. Life has been really good. But one thing is, I'm afraid of those people who always look down on me. Why? Cause when they looked down on me, they thought it's easy to 'step on my head'. Sorry guys, i might looked naive, but I'm not. Just don't underestimate my capabilities. It's just, i know where i belong. This is not my place and our culture is a bit different. You might can't accept my jokes, and I don't understand ur jokes. OK. So, cheers!

Like everyone, I do hope things will get better everyday. OK. I'm getting weak, felt sleepy. Nyte ^.^

ps: sorry for the colour thingy..saja main2 ;)


maslight said...

Wahh, no time to rest ah? #_# Hard worker. Eat well ok.

mArMaLaDe said...

Massy..yeah..no time to rest...huhu..