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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm A Maybankers :)

Hey guys! Sorry ya, coz I didn't update my blog frequently. Ya la, life has been really busy since I was transfered to a new department. Oh btw, I'm officially a Maybankers. Cheers! Joined the bank since August last year, almost 8months. Never thought that sa akan tahan sampai macam tu. I was once wanna quit from the bank, but after a meeting with the boss and advices from friends, I think they were right. Like, who's gonna pay me with that salary? And who's gonna give that post to someone with zero knowledge like me? AND who's gonna buy a new phone for my mum? Haha! I'm desperately needs money. Who doesn't right? ;P I wanna buy everything that my mum wants or request. Oh btw, she wants a new phone and a dinner table[ngam ka tu]. Will I ever dare to tell her that I wanna quit? NO. Don't wanna break her hearts. Maybe I don't really love the job, but I have to like it for the sake of my family. And for my career. Bila lagi mau balas jasa orang tua kalau bukan time bujang kan. Kalau sudah kawin, mana lagi dapat kan. Mana mau tanggung anak. Adik. Bah berfikiran jauh sudah kama ni ;P

I feel great. Though my life has been taken over by my job, I've earned more. It's time for me to kumpul duit banyak-banyak. Who knows I might need money for my big day? Oh bukan sekarang, nanti lah nda lama lagi kali. LOL! Date TBA.

Maybank ~ I'm proud to be part of it. But, berapa lama sa dapat tahan? Just wait and see lah kan. Hopefully, it'll be longer than what I expect. :) ~ 17th Feb 2010 (6months) I'm a Forex Booth Officer now. :D

Oh before I go to zzzzz..I played this game last night(Sunday), since it's already Monday now. Untuk ini saja, mau 1jam juga main. Cis! Budak-budak betol!

OK..Nite-nite guys..



于名于名 said...

You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.............................................

Madu Beracun said...

yayy! congratulations! yeah i hv read about ur post pasal ko contemplating mau quit but im glad u didnt quit. naa see you might regret it if u quit that day kan. hehe
anyway best of luck with ur job!