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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yeah, been telling the world that my phone was stolen. LOL
I was so sad yesterday, til' today actually.
It's a V-Day gift from boyfie.
Phone number, photos, memories.
I can just buy a new phone.
But, it's a precious thing for me.
I'm sad. Boyfie is sad too.

I was sleeping, i didn't realize who took it.
My brother was there too, he also didn't realize who took it.
But, we suspect someone.
I'm not pointing fingers on him, it just, no one came to our house yesterday, well, the other side of the house, except him.
It's in our house, so I don't expect they'll steal my phone.
And I used to just put the phone beside me whenever, wherever, and whatever I do.

If they want money, ask me.
It's not that I have a lot of money, but don't steal!
Maybe he/she will get some $$ by selling the phone, but don't he/she thinks about people?
When it comes to ur own relative, that hurt the most.

I just hope that he'll realize that people will talk about it.
They won't stop talking about it until he give it back to me.
I won't stop investigate who stole it.
I can do worst thing to he/she.
But I won't.
Let just leave it to God.
He sees what we can't see.
He'll punish those who steal.

I just want my memory card and simcard.


maslight said...

Oh, that's the suckiest feeling. Anyways I hope you get it back.

FranciscoL_俊毅Swaney0806 said...

Of two evils choose the least.......................................................