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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's A Dream Come True

Hey Fellas!
How have u been? LOL
Lama sa nda update oh kan, was too busy with my job
and my passion.

It's the month of May, where the Kadazan Dusun Murut people celebrate
Tadau Kaamatan.

It's not just a festival.

As usual, I took part in Sugandoi Kaamatan.
This year has been a really good year for me to show them that I have the talent.
I may not be the best, but I can do better if I really want.
I am not saying that I'm very good, I'm just telling u that Music is my passion, and I won't stop until I get what I want (ceh. Lari topik suda.)

Whatever it is, mari kita berbalik kepada tajuk utama. LOL!
After 4years since 2005 until now (2006 teda, aku di Sarawak), I made it to the final! Semifinal ain't that easy. Competing with the winners, the best amongst all, sangat mengegarkan jantungku,

Semifinal for Sugandoi Kaamatan State Level was on 20th May.
I was selected as the Top10 finalist.
Gila. I didn't expect that I'll be in that list.
Seriously, all the contestant was amazingly talented!
But yeah, I'm thanking God for the talent, and thanks to the judges for choosing me to be with a great bunch of great people.

Final was on the 22nd May, where JB came for me*****.
Yet, I couldn't join them. Jalan saja meninggalkan tetamu-tetamu yang datang.
Termasuklah si bakal m*****.
Luckily, itu baru m bukan nama sebenar saja.
Hmm. Lari Topik lagi.

In final, I sang two songs.
Sopirosi Rosi by Ridah and Igitanku Gisom Kapatayon by Diana S T.
I can do better than that, I guess.
I was sad, coz I didn't sing like what I planned.
I sound weird.


Hey! I was in the Top 3! sengihnampakgigi
From Left : Arie represent Kota Belud (The Champion!), Me represent Tawau, and Hendry represent Labuan(2nd runner up)

Seriously, never in my mind thinking me being in the Top3.
I was so shocked until my name was called as the 1st Runner up for Sugandoi Kaamatan Peringkat Negeri Sabah 2010.
As for me, ada peserta lain yang lebih layak untuk dapat 2nd place.
He should be in my place.

Huguan Siou.

Yet, I felt blessed. I'm thanking each and everyone of u who support me.
I'm thanking God for the talent He gave me.
A big thank u to the committee members who've treated us really good.
Thank u to all contestants, u guys helped me alot!
Thanks La Familia.
Thanks to my beloved JB.
Thanks to all my friends.
Thank u judges!
And congratulation to all finalist- Fanzi(Klang Valley), Sheryl(Inanam), Bernadette(Tambunan), Herna(Keningau), Adolf(Putatan), Shane(Beaufort), and Rosmiah(Kinabatangan)
U guys are the best!

This is going to be my last participation for Sugandoi Kaamatan.
But I won't stop singing.
Music is my Passion, remember?



Dev Clarehova said...

COngratulation Ruth~!!! from the first time we met, i knew u r really good in singing. very talented~!! Congrats..congrats... my last participation in Sugandoi was in 2006. but didn't make it to final in KDCA.. but i promise to myself that i will join again next time when i am really ready. Next year i will start again walaupun tua sudah...yuiii...hehehehe

mArMaLaDe said...

Dev: thank u very much! betul2 nda sangka ni..
but, u shud join too! u have the talent, and u r more better than me.. ;) nanti sa lagi jadi penyokong di dewan tu..heheee

Gallivanter said...

Well done! Congratulations!! :-D


Naomi Elisabet said...

utthhh!!! sa sama si cal suka tu dingar "M"!!! hehehehe...

Mandy said...

wahhhh Congrats Ruth... sa nda tau pula ko manang... sorry kio klu talambat wish ko... hahahaha

Miss u Ruth... sgt mo dingar ko nyanyi ;p

mArMaLaDe said...

Gallivanter: Thank u! and thanx for dropping by.. Congrats for ur wedding wif Emelda ;)

Na-O: ekekkeee..'M' bukan gelaran sebenar ;P

Mandy: yay! thanx ah..hehe..
miss u too, sma Limadanglian..Ba kalau sa berkesempatan jumpa kamurang, kta p karoks d cemps..hehe

seweng said...

ruth..lama sdh ndak drop by..and yeah..i'm back.. :P

anyway congratulations..nanti sa visit lagi ah.. :)