Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What a moment

Yeah. Still couldn't believe I was in Top3, though I know some people might didn't expect I'll be in that place. Reading those comments, somehow it's hurting me. Comparing me with some contestants. I know they have their own rights to say whatever they want to say, like, 'she sang better than her', or 'i love her version, she's the best'. But who am I to shut their thoughts/mouth? I have to admit that I'm not the best, there's another contestant who should be in my place. Or should I say, he supposed to be the winner? Based on his experience and knowledge. Much better than me. He's the best, I really mean it. Yet, I'm not the judges. Hence, I don't know how to judge. Oh, I judge based on what I heard. How they played with their voice, how dynamic their voice is. I don't know what's pitching really means. All I know is, how to improvise your voice, the song. Changed the melody. That's all. I don't attend vocal classes, nor music class. I know nothing except singing. I guess. peace

But hey, I'm glad to be part of it. And yes, I do have that dream[before], to be a super famous singer, someday. I once had a compilation album with the Idola Sabah 2005 finalist. But that's it, and no more. Well, if there's a good offer, why not kan? As for my part time job, maybe. Since I'm in a process of building up my career, I might won't accept any offer. By the time being lah.

Showing off a bit. kenyit
I was featured in this article. Insight Sabah I want to say sorry to the reporter. We were supposed to meet somewhere in KK, but I'm in a hurry[catching my flight to Tawau], so I can't attend the interview session with the reporter, Mr.Ng. The interview was done via phone. Couldn't tell him much about what I feel and everything about me. Really sorry. Anyways, thanks for the article Mr Ng.

p/s : I'm actually telling him that it's gonna be my last participation in Sugandoi Kaamatan. Well, poor me coz it's actually my fault for not being able to meet him. So, maybe he got confused a bit with my poor 'English' language. Siou Kio!


maslight said...

Congrats Ruth. Anyways, be happy coz you deserve it. Unless you bribe the judge then that's not okay XD kekekeke.. ;) my eldest sis used to join a lot of singing competition, but in the end she's a DJ LOL

chegu carol said...

Congrats! Tia sangka ko ni kaki menyanyi pula :)