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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And..We're Engaged

And yes, we're engaged!
Finally after 7years.
I'm happy, who doesn't right?

It wasn't a perfect event, yet I'm thanking each and everyone of my family, friends, and those who came.
Thanks la familia for your big help and support.
Without you guys, the E-day is nothing.

But I'm a bit disappointed because of some lakonan yang merosakkan suasana.
It's supposed to be perfect, til they started the shooting.
Nevermindlah, hope u guys won't do it again.
Let's make it a very happening event next time?

I felt blessed.
He's no more a boyfriend.
Yay! It's kinda weird.
He's my fiancé.

I have lots to say, tapi entah mengapa macam blurr saja ni otak.
Mungkin sebab besok mau balik Tawau sudah.
Hmmm. Can I stay longer?
Or, can u transfer me to the nearest branch boss?
But please not Lahad Datu, Sandakan, Kunak, or Semporna.
Transfer me somewhere in KK.
Perhaps, in KKIA?

Anyways, I hope for a better life with my fiancé.
God bless. Amen.

Photos taken by Moston Lam


chegu carol said...

congrats ruth! happy for you :)

emelda said...

wow!!! Congrats!!!! Im so happy for you..another step nearer to another big commitment..being husband and wife...:D

Ahhhh..im so happy for you!!!

mArMaLaDe said...

CheguC: thanx! ;D

Emelda: Thanx!! ya ba, nda lama lagi tu..hehe.. ;D