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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another 25 Days To Go!

I guess u guys already know that I have been working nonstop for the past 2months. Joking? NOT.
I have 7days leave left and 4days off-day. Gonna clear the 7days leave for Christmas. And that 4days, I don't know when should I take. Off course I'm gonna take it too, sayang ok kalau nda ambil. Unless, if the boss ask me to claim OT for the off-days. I'm ok with that, just don't disturb my Christmas leave ok? :)

Ok. Stop whining about it. Let's just wait for December.

Oh, I told'ya that I wanted to talk about Engagement Nite right? Seriously, I'm just so glad to join the competition. However, I'm a bit disappointed with the result. I somehow think, the guy should win. He should be the winner, instead of the 'I Will Survive'. A song which is not suit for any singing competition. My opinion. What say u?
I am sad coz I didn't win, but yeah, the guy is the one who deserve to win. Not me, not her. And of course I am frustrated with the result. I was hoping to be the winner and represent Sabah region, and win. But I lost. Or maybe, I was meant to be the 2nd runner up just like the Sugandoi last time. LOL!

It's ok for me. But when they started to compare me with her, that hurts the most. It's like, I don't deserve to get what I get. Indeed, even if I can hit the high notes, doesn't mean I'm a good singer. In order to be a good singer, u need to present something where it have the floor, the wall, and the roof. It's not always about hitting the high notes la sayang. Versatility and flexibility? Gosh. I have been singing since my childhood. Do you think 'I will survive' shows ur versatility? Or flexibility? Oh btw, this is a statement from the supporter, not the winner. She's innocence :) They think I'm not versatile and flexible enough by singing the Destiny's Child song. That's u'r opinion. I get it. But where did u learn about that words? Tell me how can someone be versatile and flexible? Ada-ada saja kamurang kan. Sembarang saja cakap, padahal nda tau.
Menambahkan kesedihan orang saja.

Anyways, I've uploaded photos in my FB page. The semifinal for the M.I International will be held next week in KL. All the best girl! Hope u'll make it to the final. Makes us believe u deserve to win.

PS: She has a strong vocal. I agree with that. :)

Ok lah. Off to bed.



maslight said...

Gosh after reading this post, made me curious that I went and check up some facebook photos, bz body oh kan massy. Anyways, I sort of get that whole singing competition thing, my sis went through joining a lot but reach a point and now a DJ ;D

GeTzzz.... said...

Even though u didnt make it this time, But being 2nd is much better. It shows that you have a standard from every people who has been singing. And thumbs up to you!Having the guts to compete is a nature that i will never endure:) heheheh..
-I didnt know u could sing and make it as part of ur career as well:) Well, i hope i could here you sing one day:) I sing too, but my songs only is nice to be heard by my own ears hahahahaha..:)Even the birds would run away if i start the first line of the song.LOL!
-Anyways, whatever it is..all the best to you!!

mArMaLaDe said...

Massy: ahahaa..but, thats how singing competition is..tahan hati saja ;P

Get: wud love to make it as part of my career, but not anymore.. :) hey, we shud someday go out for a karaoke sesion

GeTzzz.... said...

karaoke?? Hahahahha..I'm sure u wouldnt like to hear me sing... I cant hit high notes and neither could i sing gracefully with the tune hehehehe... But would love to hear u ...
-yeah! Let's do:)