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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another KK Trip

Yeah. I'm goin back to KK again this weekend. Holiday? NO.
Goin to attend FBO meeting with the bosses.
Hopefully the meeting will be great, Kundasang mari!
Friday and Saturday, then Sunday back to Tawau again.
Penat I tell you!

I've just got back from course in KL last week,
then back from KK juga last Sunday.
Terabang lagi akhu bisuk.
Yeay juga la!
Sebab dapat balik kampung jumpa mama.
Ceh tipu! ;P
Dapat balik kampung jumpa rumah,
jumpa Koupusan lagi.

Well, of course I'm happy.
Biarpun penat.
If i could, i would go back to KK every week.
But because of my working hour is not like u guys,
i hafta wait til end of month or during my offday.
And $$$$$
Mahal gia itu tiket. MAKIN MAHAL.
Bikin panas juga kadang-kadang.
Two weeks before tinguk, punya mahal tahap RM200++
Tinguk balik 3days before depart, turun pula pi RM120++.

I'm gonna enjoy every moments of balik kampung trip.
Because i still don't know how long am i gonna stay here in Tawau.
Might be many years.
Maybe, forever? NOT
Gosh! I wanna go home so badly.



Dev Clarehova said...

Huhu!!! kasian juga ko Ruth. being away from home all the time. it's Ok bah tu.Just Think positive...being far from home will make u love family n ur loved one even more... ^_^ cheersss...

mArMaLaDe said...

Indeed, but cudnt stand with it anymore..apa lagi if banyak hal mau buat...susa juga mau pulang balik tiap bulan..$$$ ;P