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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Keyshia Cole - I Remember

Those were the days where I was in a very unstable mind.
Losing control of everything ~ Love, Friendship.
I somehow, wish it never happen, coz it has ruined me, u.. US.
I wish I can turn back time.
It still hurts you know.
I still love the friendship we've built.

I love how I treated u as a friend, even when i realize you've used me.
You cheated on me.

"I remember when I walked out, I remember when I say I hated you"
Unfortunately, I didn't.

"But somehow deep inside still loving you"
You are my friend.

Everytime I saw you profile, I was hoping that you'll change.
For good.
Like I did :)

I am now living life to the fullest!
Enjoying every bit of my life even when I hafta work so hard.
So hard for my dreams.
I believe you work hard too.

***** another story

I remember how you open your heart to me, again.
I remember how I regret on losing you.
I remember how relieved I am for having such a great man like you.
I remember how I hurt you.
I remember how bad I am.
I remember..........
Thank God I Found You.

I miss you.
Mind is always about you.
Well, except when I'm too busy with my work.

I Love You.


This song reminds me of everything.
U, Me, US.

:: Confession of a homesick girl ::

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