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Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Till death do us apart"

As if you are reading this, for me, marriage is a commitment. NOT A JOKE.
I am not married yet. But you married people out there should know.
No offense. I am sorry.
In my opinion, once u get married, u should know ur responsibilities.
Not joking around saying bullshit.
I mean, like breaking up.

Oh tell me how easy that is?
If u feel like breaking up, why don't u just do it earlier?
Why u have to wait till u were married?

As for me, "Till death do us apart", it's a commitment.
After all you've been through, you want a new life by letting go everything?
Selfish? YES indeed.
Or is it just an excuse for putting arang on ur partner's face?
Not forgetting, the family?
Have u ever think of them?
Have u ever think of the partner itself?

I don't get it.

Do u know how hard it is to commit in a relationship?
It's not easy. YES.



aDRynna said...

Totally agree!
It is a lifetime commitment..

mArMaLaDe said...

but it's sad how some people just take it for granted. sekali pasal selingkuh pula.duh