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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year 2012


Yay! It's still not to late ait? Haven't update for quit some time. How have u been people? *hugs*
It's another new chapter in life, and I'm turning 25 this year. *Grrrr* Erk?
Anyway, let's flash back what had happened last year. Well, not exactly everything.
Just a few updates of meself.


I'm legally married. Yippie! Hehe.

Photo by Yes I Do
I am now officially JB's wife :)
16th Dec 2011
9years in the making, hope it'll last forever.
God Bless, Amen.

JB must've been really busy preparing for the wedding reception now.
Guess I can't help much. I am still in Tawau.
We don't have much time left, yeah, so the very last minute kan?
Will start sending the invitation card next week.
Ah. God bless our preparation.

The reception will be held on the 28th of Jan 2012, Saturday.
If u are reading this post, You are cordially invited! :)


I won the Maybank Idol 2011 :)

After 3years trying, I have finally won.
Berkat muka nda tau malu kan. Haha
Next week I'll be in Penang for the Semi's.
Wish me luck guys! Sia mau masuk Final bah.
*fingers crossed*


1st car, 1st accident

I bought my 1st car. Unfortunately, the front bumper kemek sikit becoz of the kren, and calar a bit becoz of the semak2.
Why? Kerana kelalaian sia sama si JB, eksiden kami.
Thank God we're OK.
Of course la sia sedih, tapi tidak apalah. Yang penting kami selamat.
Lesson learnt, don't drink and drive ;D


Well, I actually have a lot to share, but the idea gone just like that.
My new resolution?
I just want to be a better person than yesteryear.
Work hard, earn much.
I work hard for the money, so hard for it honey!
Build a new life as JB's wife.
Have kids. Family.
Great Life.



keykho said...

sumandak!!! happy new year!

congratulations! jadi mrs.JB suda ko hihihi...sy lagi ni blum hehehe...

aigu...nasib bek kamu dua teda apa2 bha...nah jgn lagi di p moginum and daraib hehe :)


hai.. see u in Penang this friday as i am one of the contestant! hehe

gud luck then :)

mArMaLaDe said...

Kiko : thank u mandak! Urs next kan? Itu la pengajaran don drink and drive ;P

AA: o hai! Glad to see u there but didnt get to chat with u last week. Nervous gila! Hihi.. Hope to see u next time, perhaps during the awards nite. Aite? ;)