Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


"saya budak baru belajar,
kalau salah tolong tunjukkan"

wat 2 say kan...my grammar wasn't really good..but not bad lah...i think so..em...dunno lah..huh..still trying 2 be very good in English...sometimes i just hentam saja if speak English with my friend..din mind if they think my English is very poor..sometimes pun, juz know how 2 speak but din know how 2 write it...haha...need to study more bah 2..dats y lah..
how to pass MUET exam...wanna be like Daphne Iking....ahakszz!u see, if u can speak English fluently, maybe u can be a one of TV host or VJ or DJ in Malaysia or International..someday...i wish to be a STAR!haha...if not pun, be a good career woman in the busiest BANK in Malaysia saja lah..yeah...
nowadays, in Malaysia lah..if u can speak in both Malay, English, & Mandarin..u'll get a job more easier than people who can't speak both of the language..not only language lah, must have a good certificate, such as Master, Degree, Diploma or higher than that..how i wish to further my studies, but i am the very lazy student!!haha..
i hope that i can achieve one of my dream..besides, me myself din know wat will happen in future kan..GOD bless me in watever i did..hope He'll listen 2 my prayer..AMEN..


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limadang.com said...

Hey SUmandak..Don't worry about the Grammer..we are not born as an english speaking society..so even TESL teacher also not good one..trust me... thats why they name it as Teach ing english as a second language..huyhuh

so..don't worry about it ..k..my grammer also not good..bought some books to read about grammer things..lols..

Hmm..again..i normally sing my words..so..no harm..try it k.