Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, September 10, 2007


em..busy?haha..yeah I'm busy with my schedule..busy doesn't mean i got a lot of work..lain lah..
em..I'm having so much fun for the past 3 days..i am busy, enjoying my life...haha..
on Friday, i go to clubs at Razz with my friend,Dodo..and we are totally d****!haha..Doe if u read this, jan mara!haha..we only drink 2 jugs of 'Long Island'.. but really regret coz its too early to get d****..belum puas lagi enjoy, coz jarang2 go clubs with Dodo..huh..next time wanna bring tirin and tanang..becoz, 3 Chinese man thought me n dodo lesbian!geezzzzz....NVM, now they know suda lah we r only friend..Thank God..
but still keep in touch with one of them..only as a friend lah..nice guy..maybe..
i go home at 2.30 am..huh..still early..coz have to woke up 5.30 in the morning..how many hours did i sleep??huh..got to go to sipitang at 6 am, then to kuala penyu at 1.30 pm...even felt tired, i do enjoyed my whole day..coz i am making money(part time singer bah..)
that day i sampai rumah at 9.00 pm..wanna go clubs, but i am too tired oredi..i sleep lah trus...
on Sunday..i need a rest!dats y lah i said i am busy...haha...but still i go to kk to check my fs that evening..cannot open fs in our office bah..jajal kan dorang semua..hehe..em..hm...got a work to do now..chow!

PS: Doe nanti kita keluar lagi ya!hehe..

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