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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Am I..A Bad Girl??

If I'm a drinker and a fighter, does it mean that I'm a bad girl? i don't think so..people always judge us just by looking the outside of us, if u know what i mean actually.. yeah..if i drunk and in my right hand was a cigarette, shortly, I smoke, then someone said to my BF--"if she's my Gf, I'll slap her face!" -- really hurt my feeling oh..

I admit that I'm not the kind of goody2 girl..but not a bad girl..just a jajal girl..below are some pict which represent who i am..and i definitely believe that some of u might think I'm a bad girl who likes to go clubs and get drunk..

she's one of my jajal cousin,Nenesh...she's going to KL next week, maybe..coz she's one of the Top 80 One In A Million Contestant this year..Pray for her ya..and one of her competitor was Siti Sarah, the Malaysian singer..
and this is my fav!Chivas....em....me wondering why i love to drink it.. can't stop..but didn't know in future la

Mango Rum Liqueur
this is actually what we, the ladies drink last nite..my sist bought it from Manila..the taste wasn't really good, coz too manis, and only 16% alcohol

well..this candid pict tell the truth..
I am jajal not bad
very the buruk muka

do hope GOD bless me, coz life is just a roller coaster and no one knows what will happen in future..people do change, either bad to good or good to bad person..


maslight said...

well, most ppl judge a person by their book cover, meaning how u look/behave. we can't really stop them coz they're human beings like us.

all u can do is juz ignore them and live ur life the way u like it XD being happy is the key! why bother ppl who are miserable? they make u feel more miserable de XD

best of luck! XD

mArMaLaDe said...

yup...thanx maslight..me will ignore that...

ishak said...

Uihh!! very da jajal la you.. psst! kirim salam ngan ur cousin.