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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MV Doulos

finally I've manage to be there, MV Doulos last Saturday. well, it's a good place for those who have kids, coz lots of children's book...and also recipe's books...

it was crowded and hot inside there..me want to find book lagi bah that day, but less than 30 minutes, my headache come!my BF also.. ssiiiitttt!! so...me going home lah, coz my BF have to go to work juga..

well..i post this Pict, want to mokirayou!hehe...no lah, kidding...BTW, i can't find any fashion book, i can't be inside the ship walking around more than 30 minutes...oh....

it's hot and I'm starving!but still can smile..agh...very tired ni..

me inside the Doulos ship..no candid Pict..haha

this is why they said, don't wear heels!thank God they tell me early..hehe

i like these book, but i haven't bought it..ah!!!!

US!! hehe..


maslight said...

omg~ i think i'll faint if it's hot XD

limadang.com said...

whhaha hehehhe nice also but not as what i actually expected ekekek

mArMaLaDe said...

maslight: tengah hari ba that, crowded lg..

limadang.com: u expect what?hehe..

well..can't stay there lama2..mabuk laut..haha