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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Airlines Crew

Just got back from this airlines operation office.. I saw an old lady(tourist) sitting there talking with the duty officer (i guess), complaining something.. Actually didn't want to asked them, since I'm not the duty officer friend..hee.. But I still want to know the truth. So, while I'm doing my work, my busybody ears trying so hard to hear and understand their conversations..

Em.. I think it's better for me to tell this in Malay, in fact, my English wasn't good enough.. (sa kasi mix lah)... Kesian la the old lady.. She told the duty officer, yang dia kna halau oleh crew airlines tu, either di dalam kapal or when she wanted to masuk pg tu kapal.. Then derang story2 la, pastu the duty officer check her ticket to see the crew's ID..After he found out which one of the crew who should take the responsibility, he called the man to say sorry. He did came, but i didn't see his face. Busy doing my work bah.. Kesian lah the old lady, begegar lagi badan dia.. Maybe she's afraid of what will happen if the duty officer didn't want to help her..

She said to the duty officer," I didn't know what to do, that's why i came here to see u"
she also said something about the crew 'STUPIDITY' behaviour.. But kesian juga la sma tu crew.. I know what will happen if the news sampai di telinga BIG BOSS derang.. If not D.I, confirm cuci telinga, or being scolded by the boss..

Lesson of the day, be a good worker.. d;D


Man-D said...

yeahh...be a good worker...WORK bukan chat di Limadang ja...lols...

mArMaLaDe said...

ahahaha....nasib la sa trainee ja... ;)

Ratu Syura said...

woohoo.. look at all those sexy cheerleaders! lol.. ;)

mArMaLaDe said...

Ratu Syura: heee....must have sexy cheerleaders.. baru ada semangat... ;)