Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

~Run to me whenever u'r lonely
Run to me f u need a shoulder~

Sad.. yeah.. a friend of mine was frustrated.. Last nite was at Magma, go moginum to cheer him.. kami pun budus...ada ka orang sedih2, pg lagi nyanyi lagu sedih.. :)
em.. but am proud of them jg la.. willing to do anything just to make HIM happy.. sa yg teda mood minum pun, 1go 1go jg.. cis! still kogutz ni skg.... oki.. see the happy face of us..

Thanks to DJ Wei a.k.a my in-law wannabe for d great song! :)

smile peepppssss!

me n boboy

Picture Of The Day
Aweng with her big eyes
PS: for me, real friends are people who will owez b there for u wen u need them. and they are willing to sacrifice anything. But as my BF said, just accept the fact that u putus cinta.. coz THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON
someday u'll realize how stupid u are, and u'll sit infront of the mirror and say "what have i done?".. coz this is what i owez said to myself..

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