Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, December 14, 2007


Today is my last day as a TRAINEE. I'm happy actually, coz i dun have to do any work for 1 month.. But I'm sad, coz I'll be missing them, whom I met here at MASB. Oki la.. wanna do my work 1st..


No sad2 feeling this.. Coz they asked me to help them next Monday, that mean I have to go back la..huhu.. hehe.. They want to BELANJA ME MAKAN! hahaha... nah... I have to see the Boss, since she's not here today.. Need her to sign my DAILY REPORT and oso the PENILAIAN FORM.. ntah la.. It's like 1 week ody i didn't do my Daily Report, I forgot.. MEN HENTAM ja lor....

Oki..I lied.. Actually am sad.. I cannot kawan my BF lunch lg after this, cannot flirting with the guys..hahahaha...kidding! cannot see the 'hot guy', no gossips, and definitely am gonna miss them so much! got few picts, but no guy pict..malas mo post...ekeke...Jeffry, sory teda pict ko....nati ur GF mara ~peAce~

me n Calista, the hot mama whom I'd love to be like her someday..ka-ching! thanx for being a good friend tho i know u garang2 wit me sumtimes..hehehe...i know u stress..ttteeeettttssss..hahaha... but since u layan me bagus2, i'll help u to angkat ur barang2 if u guys pindah ofis nanti..OKI!

me n Na-O, the one who introduced Limadang.com~ and I met such a lovely friends..Thanx coz u memang open minded!sorry sa teda tolong ko susun barang2 ko..hehe...peAce..next time p karaoke ramai2..

me n Brigid, she gave me earring just now...THANX... sorry if sa ada buat silap..sorry jg coz never tolong u buat keja.. :)

Susan n me, she's not available ya... :) sorry if a made a mistake..sumtimes my mulut no insuran..if i ever said bad words, forgive me..

Kak Wan n me, the VETERAN of all the finance department staff..sorry lambat buat keja yg kak wan suru..hehe..

to Taipin, Jeffry, n Justin (ody changed to other department), sorry if I made a mistake..sorry jg coz lambat buat keja yg kmu suru..hehe..

BOSS @ Pn. Syedatul, u r the great!! the very sporting boss.. bukan mo ambi hati ah...serious this! thanx coz x garang sma kami..hehehe.. sorry if i ever made a mistake or bad words came from my st**** mouth..

I know am supposed to write THANK YOU letter which my lecturer asked me to do that, but I think it is better for me to post it here.. all the words honestly/truly came from my heart n brain..hehe..hope all of u will forgive me if i made a mistakes..

~U will always on my mind~

Lots Of Love....mmmuuuuaaaxxxx!! d:x



maslight said...

i see na-o XD i first met her at hobbycon hehehe i know her for quite sometime liao..baru jumpa @_@

mArMaLaDe said...

hehe...u shud b fren wit her..sporting ni dia!hehe..

limadang.com said...

marmalade: hehe congratulatasion ya for the practical....... :P

mArMaLaDe said...

limadang.com: thanx..

Na-O said...

sia malas mo tulis2 bah sini ni utth... panattt jari2 sya. hehe...

ya! ko tia tolong sia packing! hehe... tdk bah, sia pun tdk minta tlg coz nanti sia tdk tau mana2 fail masuk mana2 kotak.

nasib ko dtg juga monday ah...