Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, January 28, 2008

And The Award Goes To....Estranged!!

watched AJL 22 last nite..tho Siti didn't win anything.. she still the best..the way she dance n sing, still ok apa..but not as good as before she got married..hehe... :)

the AJL 22 winner deserve it! Estranged's song, Itu Kamu are super damn good! i bet most of u agree with me...right? hehe.. Rich and Andy, what's ur phone number??ahahaha...wish i knew..

my opinion, Mawi deserve the Persembahan Terbaik award..Jac n Lah, u guys the best! but sometimes i think Lah is only the backup singer..i dunno..Izinku Pergi by Shaari (Kaer), i din expected the song, but it's their luck..Congrats from me..Samudera by Nora, i miss this one, but the song also good, if u guys can sing the high note, i salute u! haha.....

ape-ape pun, am happy coz Estranged won the AJL 22, u guys ROCKZZ!!!
Aarrraaaammmaaaiiii tttiiiieeeee!!!

ps: wish someday, i'm the winner of the award..ahahaha...in my dream..


luke said...

as long as u believe in urself,someday u will be at the place that u have been dreaming off..

Man-D said...

Ruth, have to agree with Luke...dun give up on ur dreams k...Uii, jan kama ko kacau c Rich tu...taken sdh kama tu...but if u really want his number..i can give U...lols...but, wats the bribe? muahahaha...

mArMaLaDe said...

luke: thanx bro, actualy am proud coz God gave me d talent..and i believe, He plans sumthin for me..hehe...peace..
miz to hear ur voice!

man-d: wil never give up..thanx ya..mis u guys..
ba pa num dia, minum d starbukz ja la...mwahahahaa....JJ..nti masuk majalah pla sa bln depan

luke said...

dont worry,we will rock kk again wit our voice once im back to kk..it wont b long so u better get urself ready la!blajar all the duet songs..kita kasi gagar chempaka!

mArMaLaDe said...

luke: can ba if u..hehe..ba sa mo praktis la lgu duet ni ari2..hehe