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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ntah Apa-apa Ni

Been busy lately, since it's my final semester/year and I have to do lots of things. Class started last week but this week we have 3 quizzes + more assignments and tutorials to go. Don't know when I can watch the X-Files: I want to believe, I'm a big fan of the show back when I was still in primary school. Hope that I can watch that movie this week. Actually, I don't know what to post, but still I want to write something. Geezzz…

Ok. Let me tell you a story about my studies. Haha… I'm going to learn/study 5 subjects this semester – Perakaunan Kewangan 4, Percukaian Malaysia 2, Pengauditan Penyiasatan, Keusahawanan, Kewangan Perniagaan, English for Commercial Purposes + MUET. Is it 5 or 6? Whatever laa… The lectures said this is the tough semester for all of us, so better study awal2… Honestly, I'm not really good in accounting but I don't know why I am still here. I mean, still can sambung to the next semester. Seriously, I thought my result will be teeettttssss, u knows what I mean, since I didn't answer well during the final exam or in other words, I didn't do super great revision as what my classmates/friends did. Haha… But then, I'm glad for it. No one wants to repeat paper or quit, except for those who are not interested laa… Alang-alang magapun, magapun alang-alang…what's that mean??? Hahaha…

Perakaunan Kewangan 4, it's so hard + tough for me. Hopefully I can do my best for this subject. The lecture? Duh… A guy, funny, unpredictable, a bit pongo for me, but he's a nice lecture though. Sometimes kesian laa, coz kena main-main oleh student. He likes to walk around the class from the 1st minute he came till the class ended. Dude, I can't even look at him, coz takut pening tengok dia jalan-jalan. But again I want to say, he's a nice lecture.

Percukaian Malaysia 2, one of my favorite subjects. Why? I don't know. Eventhough I'm not really good in it, I still like to count how much should someone pay for their tax. The pengecualian, pelepasan…err…sorry we studied in Malay not English. Haha… The lecture? Macam ganas, but actually not. She's just ok for me, not scary or freaky. But don't know lagi laa… Hopefully she's ok.

Pengauditan Penyiasatan, not my favorite. I hate reading the BUKU AKTA, remember the section, blablabla… But the lecture was ok. Masuk otak juga la sikit. Our class is one of the very noisy class, lots of student yang JAJAL. But when he's in the class, no one dare to open their mouth. Why?? Because he's the KETUA DISIPLIN at poly. Hahaha… When he asked who got A for Pengauditan 1, no one actually raised their hand (padahal kebanyakan dapat A). hahaha… But he's ok bah, nda garang pun.

Keusahawanan, I don't really know this subject. Hahaha… But I love the lecture. Never felt bored when he teaches us. He shared a lot of stories, from the love story, his family, to the ghost stories. Yay! Scary wooo……. But I still remember he said about love, “Love is nothing if u are not ready for it yet, so don't take it for granted. Never let it leads u, since u still have lots to do. Not all relationship ended up with marriage or last forever. Be positive, don't do stupid things for it.” I agree with some of the points. Haha… About the subject, emm I just know a lil'bit, since he tell a story more than he teach us. But I like that! He's great. He likes to encourage student to think wisely, he's actually inspired me to be a better student… really…

Kewangan Perniagaan, different from financial account, I guess so. This week we learned an easy formula, but a lot of theory to remember same as Pengauditan Penyiasatan and Keusahawanan. Huhu… The lecture? He's funny but sometimes he tells too much joke, sampai penat mulut mo senyum. But then, he's good in teaching. He's also a good lecture. I wondered why ada student said he's BENGIS. OMG… look at him bro, does he look bengis to you?? That's the funniest joke I've heard this week. Hahaha… why? Coz he looks like a pirate. hahaha… Joking yah… how could she said that… But I think the lecture should shave… emmm….

English for Commercial Purposes + MUET, my favorite subject! But still, I'm not good in this subject. Still in progress how to speak fluently in English, learn spelling, grammar, and lots more. Mo kasi improve lagi ni. I'm still learning. The lecture is just ok, but he's a very smart man. He knows how to wear perfect attire. I just hope that I can learn more from him, since he's the lecture. No peer preasure… what's that? ntah… when ur friend expect/said u are the best in this subject, u should be proud. Coz not all Malaysian student good in this subject, hope I'm right. Coz me myself pun not really good kan. So, for those who think ur friends bring pressure for saying u r really good in this subject, u should throw that feelings away. Be proud laa… don't be stress… :)

What a long post…to be continue laa…

~~**peace oUt**~~

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