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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby DAT Junior

one of my classmate bersalin on d 07.08.08..isk...sayang betul bukan 08.08.08..but nvm la, at least d baby sehat..she was born on August, 6.40 p.m..we don't know her name yet, coz time kami p lawat dia, belum ada nama lagi..the baby memang cute, look like her father, i guess so..em...okey, enuf talking..look at us, DAT 6A students..

the new born baby a.k.a Baby DAT Junior

Dat 6A (d rest belum sampai)

sibuk derang tngu video pasal hantu d lif hspital likas

penuh terus d wad lebih 10org kami, nasib x kna sound

mE, d Baby, n Verna

all of us tumpang happy for her, tho she's the youngest among us, she deserve to be happy..and zaman sekarang da lain..teringin juga ada mo baby, but i'm not ready yet..still haven't reached the stars yet..God Bless Verna and her baby..


Anonymous said...

i heard abt the ghost story but i dunno the exact story.. betul ka tu?


mArMaLaDe said...

bulan : me oso not sure..i saw d video frm my Bf's fon, it's kinda real..mcm betul, macam x la..