Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dad's Birthday Bash

all the photos were taken during my Dad's Bday party a.k.a suprise party for him..and yes! we were all having fun during that nite, but i sleep earlier than all the ladies..kimmsss..haha..enjoy!

i like to move it move it!

break the leg bro!

the legend of tajau..

auntie2 ku yg sporting gila..legend of the day!

tukang sikir tersohor..haha


Nesh n me, not drunk yah..

ini muka magauksss oredy!

all d ladies in d house, blm lg start minum ni

Dad n his MRSx2


tho it's a simple cake, but it full of love

Bless the foods, Amen

Nong, Deth, Nesh, Lala, Reny, Aten

i masak 3 dari lauk2 yg ada di atas meja tu..lols..

i am very happy, because i already did something, to show how i felt for them.. and i'm hoping that all of us will do the same thing, again, for our parents..tho bukan satu mama, but we all live in a very good condition..i love my family and i will never forget the moment kita suma bekerjasama..eventho ada la nda ngam sikit, but we did it very good..

lots of love for :

Dad(R.Taipoi), mom(Tarisah), Aunt Helena(stepmom)


Konong, Neo, Lala, Ruth, Renny, Joel, Kuchy, Jeko, Jorek, Aten

and for our beloved late sis, tho we never saw u, u will always on our heart..

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