Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, November 6, 2008

DAT 6A Part 2 : Dinner a.k.a Prom Nite


let me introduce myself....lols!

kalo makan, capat bah!haha..kiri kanan teda ba kna tngu..

OO + II = buli tahan jg derang makan..

makan is the priority, muka blakang kira..haha..

some of the 26 students, yg lain ambi gmbar

d 1st lucky student! doe..

oo it's a ladies nite + d guys!

d ketua klas n our PA, Pn Neswati

ini la jejaka2 DAT 6A + Yoi d ketua kelas
they were announced as the best dress for guy n lady, the judges was our PA
Chian n Tryn- chian went home too early, she missed a lot of things but Tryn paling bnyak peminat on that nite at Razz..lols
d kaki of mine..lalalala...
d lovely couple- Doe n Adib
owh...with the other group of puak
another puak
my puak
nite b4 jln..
save cost!i know how to makeover myself..haha..make-up + hair setting, cost about Rm30++

that's it!i have lots more photos, but nanti u guys boring..haha..and d PUAK i said is about, tho we were all classmate, but still berpuak2..some of them laa, not us...haha...but the truth ada 2 group nda berngam..haha..but still, they were having fun that nite..God Bless U all..

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