Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, March 30, 2009

What Did I Do Last Week +Today?

~Kerja~Kerja lah, apa lagi..I am now working as Ridah's p.a..If anyone interested, just contact me. I mean kalau mau penyanyi jemputan. Payment boleh bincang bah..


we went to 1Borneo..huhu..1 minggu suda ulang alik pigi sna because of my work laa..I bought a Nine West shoe..LOL..I love SALE!! the actual price is RM369, after 70% less is RM110..I'm blessed! Thanx to babe..hehe..I also bought seluar pendek for me and babe, and a clothes for me from Padini..SALE jugaaa

~Makan punya pasal~
babe asked for Nasi Goreng Pataya for lunch..look at that, got sayur-sayur lagi di siring..hehe..they didn't know how does it really look! funny punya tukang masak..hahaha

and this durian..it cost RM10, tapi ada 3biji ja isi..ohh..memang nda puas makan..silaka betul!

~Beach Lover~

took some photos..LOL..i'm a beach lover, unfortunately the beach doesn't look cantik at all..rubish are everywhere..botol montaku pun ada..duh!

~I met my friends~
joy, me, wilton,didi, and ridah

oh this is during Anugerah Juara Lagu Carta Artis Tempatan Sabah..I'm the backup singer for Jasmin Tarmin, we didn't win..nevermind bah, suda adat bertanding..tepuktangan and that's didi, he's one of the contestant, nda menang juga..at least they are in the final..yeah..tepuktangan

The conclusion is, eventho i'm busy tahap gaban last week, but I had lots of fungelakguling And eventho i'm not really in a good mood last week, I can control myself. That is the best things to do, to avoid bad things happen. And I'm thanking to God for He had gave me the strenght to face it all. Hopefully, that things will never happen again because I'm just an ordinary human. Sometimes when I can't control myself, I can be a HULK takbole or a freakin' scary BEAST setan


Naomi Elisabet said...

last week friday tdk jadi kami kluar geng. sa pun bz urus rumah. jadi half ppg sudah skrg, sbb blm btl2 move out. hehe...

mArMaLaDe said...

na-o: bah next week laa..this week nda dpt..konvo ari sabtu..hehe..jd mcm?kastau ja kalo jd..c jb pun mo ikut kunu tu

Naomi Elisabet said...

wahhh... congrats! ko mo bunga kah? minta si jb. hehehe... mmg dia kena bawa tu. takkan lah kami biar ko dtg saturang. hehe... lex ko.

mArMaLaDe said...

kitai..sa mo bunga basar..hahahahahaha...ba nti ko kastau ja bila..tp time2 yg ada duit ah..haha

Anonymous said...

At first, I thought you are the penyayi. :)

mArMaLaDe said...

Irenelim: wish i was..hehe..that is Ridah..
btw, thanx for dropin' by.. ;)