Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What A Boring Day..

I think I wanna go out tonite. I felt bored bah. Where to go ah??? Let me see..... KKBox is to expensive RM28 per entry(if I'm not mistaken), but worth, but I don't have much money today, belum ada lui duit... Double Up is to far from my home(just incase ada checking kan), Pantai Point and Magma is to boring if I go there without the siblings, cuzzy, and some of my crazy friends, soalCempaka is to expensive for someone like mesedih Where else ah.. BED? Razz? Yeah angan-angan, suda la broke, still wanna go to that place lagi..huhu.. Watch movie? oh! Confession of a shoppaholic is in the cinema suda ka??? (oh already on the 26th March) malu I didn't know that. Hopefully I can watch that on Wednesday or Thursday, if sempat laa.

And yes. As always, I'm gonna be alone without my babe. He's going to work overtime. That makes me more boring! I wish that I have a driving licence..LOL..I have no time bah..eh btw, my mom will pay all the fee(rugi kalo nda pigi, tapi nanti laa). If I have driving licence, I think I'll be free to go wherever I want to go as long as minyak cukup and I know the place. sseeessshhh...angan-angan lagi..

Money money money.. LOL..

I'm gonna treat myself a song by ....I don't remember....OK la....


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