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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Sorry, I Wanna Quit

Feels like quitting. I know it's gonna hurt my friend's feelings, but how about me? Thanks to her, I got this job and I have monthly income. But I don't like to work with 'him'. The more I know about this person, the more I know that he's kinda annoying. Yes I don't have any experience about this job, but I do know how to do it. But since I'm not really into 'him', I think I should quit. I've been humiliated once, I don't want to be humiliate again and again. I felt so embarrassed crying in front of many people. Only God knows how I feel. Maybe this job doesn't suits me. Maybe I should stick to be 'the singer' not 'the assistant'. lol! This is not about jealous or whatever it is, it's because of 'him'. I don't like to feel distress or stress or pressure when I work on something, coz it will make me feel angry(of course!) and distracted. I don't want any bad things happen, so the best thing is I should try to avoid. I know I won't get money if I quit my job, but my feelings is much more important than 'his' money. I don't wanna work to someone who's actually 'have to' accept me(I know that). I mean 'have to' is like 'I don't like u but I have to hire u because of someone'. No, please don't do that to me. U know what? I always feel bad for that, I doubt about my working skills. Am I really that bad? I am sad. And at the same time, I felt pity to my friend. She had faced this situation since she started working with 'him'. I know how stressed she was, what she had been deal with.

I have my own dream job too. If that's not what I want to be, then I'm not going to be serious with it. And yes, my family also wants me to get a good job. My sister did told me to find another job. I did. Hope my friend won't get hurt if I quit. It's hard for me too. I want a good future, career, income, my own property. See..I have a dream.

To my friend, I'm sorry if I ever hurt Ur feeling. I apologize if anything happen when I quit. Forgive me for I have made u feel sad. I wanna thank you, because of u I got this job. Because of u I learned a lot of things. Because of u I got the chance to meet a lot of people(where some of them are so annoying and make me pissed off). Thank you so much because u had helped me ever since we met. No, this has nothing to do about u. Yes, it is because of 'him'. Maybe I'm weak, that's why I can't stand to deal with 'him' anymore. I AM SO SORRY.

Aaaahhhhh..I feel relief..

"God I pray that You'll give me the strength to face the life I'm dealing with. I need to be strong, then people won't say I'm too bad or weak for them. I want to be someone who's worth to be with. God bless me. Amen"


maslight said...

care for yourself first then only care for others. That's wut my fren told me.

And I hope you achieve what you wanted in life *hugs

all the best!

Velarry Suan said...

ko biLang ko nda karaja? :P

mArMaLaDe said...

Massy: yeah..thanx ^_^

Yeye(;P): kalo guyang kaki, keja ka tu?haha..

Velarry Suan said...

jadi apa yang ko susah hati mau kasi tinggal karaja kwn2 ko ni? hehe

mArMaLaDe said...

yeye: sbb kawan la bah..mo jaga hati kawan lg ;)

Anonymous said...

Moi i know its hard to work with someone you cant get along with but thats reality and reality says...this people is everywhere..you'll bound to see this idiotic people in every company. It is up to you to choose ..stick with it or leave it. If you think you have a future in that company.. i'd say stay if you dont...then leave. :)

If your friend is a real friend...they will understand your decision. :) and support you no matter what.

mArMaLaDe said...

emelda: i dont think i'll have a future in this company. i've already did my best, but if they dont like me, then i'll leave..

hopefuly she'll understand..