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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I've Graduated

That's what i wanna tell u guys since Saturday..hehehe..I am now officially a Diploma holder. But then, I am still not satisfied with that. Why? Because I don't get pingat..LOL.. Just kidding.. But yeah, it's everyone's dream to get CGPA or HPNM more than 3.5 right? I did not make it, but I am still happy with my result. sengihnampakgigi But I'm hoping that someday I'll study again, mau kasi naik lagi tu educational background dalam resume..LOL

Btw, that's me, babe, mom, and friends during the convocation day. I didn't took many photos since I forgot my camera in my bag. We are not supposed to bring big 'things', ok my bag is big..LOL.. So jadi palui kijap, bagi tu beg sama my mum. After I asked my mum to pegang my bag kan, i realize that my phone, camera, and WATER was in my bag! Kitai betul, suda la kepala ada hang sket, pastu haus tahap dewa. Nah terasa la dari jam 8 pagi sampai jam1 baru terminum. The truth, I was afraid that I'll suddenly pingsan sebab kurang air. Thank God everything works perfectly. I am blessed.

And yes, I am proud of myself. Thanks to all my friends and the lecturers..senyum


Ratu Syura said...

Congratulations!!! Tu yang se heran why diploma holders teda tu topi masa graduate. Kalau di US high school graduate pun ada. But anyways, congrats again!!! :D

mArMaLaDe said...

Syura: Thanx..Ya ba sya pun heran jg tu dlu..Macam kurang ni teda topi..But nvm la, yg pntg graduate sda..hehe ;D