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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Job Interview

Really need help from u guys. It's two more days for y 1st interview. I've never experience any job interview before, except the fake interview punya assignment la time English class dulu. So, I need ur opinion, suggestion, etc etc la about this thing.
Seriously, I'm nervous. I don't really know the environment of being interview by the real interviewer. I'm also excited. Will I get the job? Or am I going to be kick out from the room in just a few minutes? lol It's still too early to think about that. I should think about the question and the answer of course! But I'm afraid because I think my English language is too weak! Mati lah kalau dia speaking, entah apa yang saya jawab.

Random questions:
Tell me about yourself
What do you know about this organization?
What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?
Why should we hire you?
What is your greatest strength?

Well, I do know how to answer some of it but if they ask something more complicated, then I'm done. lol.. I'm nervous, afraid, excited, but it doesn't mean that I'm not confident with myself. I know I am qualified for the position based on the job requirements. But yeah, it's my 1st time..huhu..

ps: ok i know, less makeups and jewelleries kenyit


emelda said...

first thing first... calm yourself down dulu..jangan panic..kau panic..memnag sudah mau jawap trus tu soalan.

2. do a lot of research about the company, who are they and what do they do. That will help you understand more about the company.

3.basically just tell them who you are and what have you done in the past year. That is for your -about yourself question.. remember always be confident jawap ni question tapi jangan over pula sangat :D.

4. Improve ur knowledge- That one what have you done lately..maybe studying, working part time anything that you think have helped you improve your knowledge moi..its pretty general things :D

5- why should we hire you- This one you have to pandai "jual diri" as in you have to know how to sell your good point. Example la ar- im confident, i have great leadership skill good communication..bla bla bla...that can help, boast yoru organization (what ever they are doing la) see their job description apa yg diorang tulis sana..requirement dia...from there you can curi few points sudah tu.

Greatest strength- you should know this one.. what is your good quality ;D

I hope that help..if not check online google all the answer :)

Good luck moi!

mArMaLaDe said...

emelda: thanx for the help moi! really appreciate that..hopefuly will do the best on wednesday.. ^_^

adexx9181 said...

gud luck to u !!!

well.. lau rasa mo kincin2 sblm interview tu ... normal !!! butterfly in the stomach urg dusun bilang .

the senario will be different depending wit the size of the organization and the post u r applying.

big co will ask lots of question to see where u stand ... kdg2 the answer is not really important ( kdg2 saja aahh...) but how confident are u to convey and defend the question ( bulih tau tu lau memberi jawapan yg berjangga wit the previous ans..) . ada soalah wajib juga tu ..
1. what is ur weakness ? - but this is not to know what is ur weakness actually ... tricky ckit...tell something good abt urself .. try to google for the right answer...
2. what do u see ur self in 5 / 10 yr time ... ni kena juga say something to do wit the post u r applying....

but if small co .. situation lain tu ...

anyway , just get urself prepared for all situation.. lau tia dapat , take this as a practice.. but .. no worries... i am sure u will get it!!

again . good luck !

p/s: abis sudah kupi ni menyinggah!!

mArMaLaDe said...

azie: thanx!!hehe..hopefully i'l do my best la..if nda dapat pun, like u said, take it as practice kan..but really hope dpt..lol..

ps: lenkali singgah lagi la, sa kasi bikin kupi banyk lagi..hehe.. ^_^
thanx again..

adexx9181 said...

so? who was it ?

ps: lau selalu singgah sudah .. mo tukar menu tu tau ...

mArMaLaDe said...

my interview was sucks..hahaha..gagap ba sa..tapi tepa la kalo nda dpt,sa faham jg.. :)

ps: apa ko mo? haha..nestum, milo, kupi, nescafe, sma susu kacang ja..hehehehe

adexx9181 said...

1st experience .. bulum sampion lagi ...nda pa.. but just wait jak la...

ps: susu kasang seja? yg lain2 teda ka?

mArMaLaDe said...

ko mo sagantang ka?hehe