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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stupid Friend

I will do anything to someone whom I consider as a FRIEND. That is why I called myself a STUPID FRIEND. I regret being that kind of friend. There's once where I was in dilemma, and once where I have to be a bitch. I DON'T MEAN TO DO THAT. But I was lost. Luckily, that person forgive me, and hopefully he really forgive me. From that time, I've learn a lesson.

OK another story to share. No offense okay, I just wanna say something which is true and maybe I have too tell u because it's really true and I don't have to apologize because of this. But this has nothing to do with any of u who might terasa, because it's the old fairytale of mine. Okay? Well, actually not my fairytale, just a thought of mine.

How does it feel when a friend used u? God it hurts a lot. U are actually helping them, but you've being the victim. Being attacked by some people because of the kindness u gave. My fault. I know they're choosing the wrong path, but I am still there to support them. In the end, I am the REAL VICTIM. I am angry! Who doesn't right? So, maybe because of that I have the guts to attack back. I did, but again I am still the victim. But now, I am thanking God for His guide. He gave me two choices, I chose the right way.

And now, I really hope both of them has change. For the girl, u don't have to say those stupid words over and over again just because u've done a big mistake and u tried to cover it. Don't be plastic. Popularity is just like mee meggie if u doesn't change your behavior. And yes, family must always be in the 1st place especially the kids. I may not be perfect, but I learn from the best, I learn from u. The truth is out there. Hope u understand. For the boy, love the girl who love u. She's really in love with u. You've hurt me before, but I forgive u. That's all I wanna say. Sometimes what some people say is true and some of it just a story, but still, nobody's perfect. All people made mistakes, forgive and forget is the medicine. Except for some GREAT CASE.takbole

Till then, see u next post.


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