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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With You

This song reminds me of JB. Haha! Yeah. I'm leaving soon, and all I want is to be with him, family and friends. I'm gonna miss him. Being apart from them is one of my weakness. I wonder, how he's going to do when I'm not with him. Like, 'what he's going to do on weekend?', 'is he going out tonite or not', 'does he already eat or not', 'is my mom ok or not?', 'does my brother behave well or not?'. Too many questions.

You might say, 'Apalah, Tawau saja pun.' OK. Even Tawau saja, tapi if mau apply cuti susah macam mana? Kalau cuti 2hari saja, alang-alang juga. :) Kan? Lagipun I live with JB's brother and his family there, so nda mau juga kasi susah dorang. Bikin malu nanti, sudahlah menumpang. :(

Babe, whatever happen, I just want u to know that I always remember u, thinking of u. Hope that u feel the same way too. :) Jiwang pula sa. Isk! But deep down in my heart, mau saja sa tolak tu offer, tapi nanti orang cakap bodoh. Haha! Think positive lah kan. Penat-penat menghafal time interview, senang-senang ja tolak. Itu memang basug namanya. ;D Lainlah kalau the gaji nda menepati citarasa. LOL! Demand lagi, sudahlah no experience.

Sorry lah, i've posted the same story again. Well, not really, just a lil' bit. ;P I just wanna express how i feel right now. Wondering.

It's already 6a.m. Off to sleep. Goodnite (GOOD MORNING!)

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