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Monday, July 20, 2009

My New Job

Yeah.. Already signed the appointment letter. Damn! I feel bad. Don't know why. Maybe because I didn't ask him and my family about it. I just signed it. sedih Well, I'm the kind of person yang susah mau berjauhan sama family and him. But i should change if I want to be better kan? Luckily, I'm not going to be alone. I'll live with JB's brother and his family. What a relief.

Oh sorry! Forgot to tell U guys. 4weeks left, then I'm off to Tawau for work. I am really happy! But sad also. Because I had to leave them, my family, my JB, my friends, and my great life here at Kampung. I am totally gonna miss the weekends moment with my family. I know, it sounds like i'm not going back to my Kampung forever. But it is sad when I'm not there every weekend, spend some quality times with them, gossiping kenyit, and yups had fun with them. And I'm really sure, kurang sudah clubbing! Haha! Sa mo balik kampung ni hari Rabu, tiap-tiap minggu makan tu Mehun Sup sana gerai Tamparuli*yang adik beradik punya kadai*, tiap-tiap minggu hangout sama family sa, rajin-rajin pigi melawat rumah dorang. sengihnampakgigi Pigi karaoke ramai-ramai, buat farewell party lagi*mo buat sembahyang pemberkatan*. senyumkenyit

So, I think I'm gonna take a driving lesson so I can have that thing called driving licence. LOL! Sempat ka tu? Takut sa naik bus bah. nangih Hopefully everything is gonna be alright! I just wish that, JB is gonna be alright here in KK, without me. My family, especially my sister and my mom. Wah! Have a lot of things to say, but I just can't type anymore. MOMUSOROU sudah sa ni. sedih

Whatever it is, hope that God will always bless us.


chegu carol said...

i always think that changing a job is a big decision.

di tawau lah ko base sdh ni kan? jauh juga lah.
i've worked there for 3 months tapi punya lah gila sia home sick. nasib 3 months. :)

good luck in your new job (and life)

mArMaLaDe said...

chegu: yeah it is..but this is kinda like my dream, to work with this bank, jadi sa accept sja la :)

d tawau suda sa nti, ok juga ka sana? 1mgu nda balik kg pun sa len2..dui ni lagi..tpi nda pa la, sa try dlu..

btw, thanx chegu! :D

Syen said...

i want to find new job to.

Mandy said...

all the best gurl... a big change to challenge urself...

Velarry Suan said...

kurang clubbing? tawau happening boss! wakakakakak!!!

mArMaLaDe said...

Syen: well, try to find another job.. :) but susa bah cari keja ni skgt

Mandy: thanx babe.. Have to face the challenge if i want to change kan.. :D

Yeye: odoi..kalau tinggal rumah pulis, manada happening..haha..alim trus..