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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Medical Check-up

Went to clinic after work, for a medical check-up. It's kinda awkward, cause i don't like clinic*hospital*. I don't like the environment, i mean the smell. LOL. And i think, it was my 1st medical check up for X-ray. Lagi la awkward! Have to buka everything, I mean baju and.... kenyit

Why did I do medical check-up? Just fooling around. Haha! No lah. I received a call from this bank about my application for the post of *I forgot* since two weeks ago(Oh btw, the interview was done 2months ago). First, they asked for a copy of my parent's identity card, and today they asked for my medical check-up report. I'm actually still can't guess whether I'll get the job or not. But according to mu cousin, if they asked for your medical check-up, that means you will be hire. angkatkening

If that so, I'll be very happy! It's like, a dream come true. Ever since I started my life as an account student, I've always dreamed of working in that bank *well actually other big company also*. And if I'm hired, that's a dream come true. I just can't wait.
BUT, If I'm not hired. What to do la kan, belum sampai rezeki sa lagi kot. sengihnampakgigi Wahatever the result will be, I'll just keep my fingers cross. Who knows something good will happen?

Anyways, if I didn't get this job pun, will try again and again. Got interview lagi on Tuesday. This time it's a government, shortly from SPA. Haven't done any researches about the post. Later lah. peace Oh ya, this post is related with this post *the interview thingy* ---> Job Interview
Thanks for their advices, suggestions, and help. Thank You Very Much. love


lukezach said...

hey ruth,thats gud news la..anyway,if ko kana terima keja d tu bank,inform bank mana ya...supaya buli minta tulung ba lain kali..wink wink

mArMaLaDe said...

hikhik..ok ba kalo ko luke..ahahaha..itu pun KALAU DAPat laa..XD