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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Please Lah!

Was happy early this morning, but suddenly this girl came to see me and said "mati lah Ruth, mau kena potong sudah tu karen". She really spoil my mood. She did! She kept saying this, "kalau bos tau, kau yang kena marah ni". OK?? So, now it's my fault?? Sorry.... U are the one who never send the bills to me. How am I going to make the payment without the bill? And of course I don't know the total amount. Do I have to go to the gallery and ask for the bills from U? WRONG! U are the one who suppose to give me the bills, same as the other shop. I don't have to ask for the bill, they gave it to me by hand. Unless, if they asked me to get the bill. But U never did that also.

And now, yeah of course the boss will get mad! Haven't pay the bills since April. Why lah U never check the letter box! Because of U, I'm the one who'll be blame since I'm the one who'll prepare the payment. I really hate when they accused me for something that is exactly not my fault. This is the 3rd times the accused me. Since I'm the newbie, they blame it on me. GREAT!!

I'll admit if I did that mistake, but no, that is not my fault. Hope she'll realize that it's her fault. Whatever it is, I've resigned from the company. Not because of them, but I need to find a better 'place' where I can earn more and learn more. A big company maybe? Haha!

I think that's all for now. Wanna go out for lunch. See yaa!



maslight said...

*pat pat ruth. Sabar ko.

Some ppl are just born selfish. When something wrong happen, they blame others. It's the easiest way to escape. Banyak dusa.

mArMaLaDe said...

mas: yeah sabar sda ni..haha..

it's ok if she said "kita", but "ko"??aduh..dusa memang..

Nessa said...

Butul cakap si Mas tu. Orang yang camtu suka pass2 kerja and pass the blame.

Ba, gudluck with the new job ah :)

mArMaLaDe said...

Nessa:yup..from what i've heard, the girl memang begitu..selfish ka org bilang..hehe..

TQ! :D

QueeN BaNDitz said...

sapa tuh??? sa tumbuk tuh!!! hehe...jadi, ko kana mara boss la kunu daling??

mArMaLaDe said...

ridah daling..no lah, sa nda kena mara..NASIB LAA...haha! becoz that is not my fault kan..tapi gerigitan juga la, coz sala dia terang2 tp kasi sala sa..isk..nda pa, ada lori ada bus, lenkali luging sa balas..wakakakka