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Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm in Tawau

Hi guys! Sorry. Been really busy this week. Was in Tawau, and it's kinda like bermastautin. LOL! Tomorrow is my 1st day at work, hopefully it's going to be fine. The taxi thingy sangat-sangat membingungkan. I'd prefer naik bus coz murah, but I have to walk for about 1KM from the bustand to the office. Oh no! Sa nda sanggup jalan kaki begitu jauh with the heels, and sampai office bau peluh, plus, tercungap-cunggap lagi. Damn! Macam sumbung betul kan. But yalah, sepa juga mau begitu. kenyit
Thank God, dapat suda tu taxi. Susah juga bah mau cari 'cater' taxi yang murah, kalau telampau murah dorang nda mau, jadi kasi up sikit, baru mau. Hmm. Hopefully, no bad things will happen. I'm still new for this town. But I know how where to find the bus, the taxi, and the bank! If only I have a driving license, I don't have to go here early. I miss my house, my bed, my family, my friends. I miss my KK lifestyle. sengihnampakgigi Where I don't have to be afraid walking alone in the mall, karaokeing alone, go clubbing, SHOPPING, hangging out with my family.
Sa sudah round-round bandar Tawau for 5days, and I know a bit lah the kedai-kedai. Thanks to the ipar wanabe encem for their help, and also to my aunt. Dorang banyak tolong selama kami ada di sini(dorang mamy sa and JB). Thanks alot! Sebab mau round-round ni bandar, sa nda cukup tidur. Haha! Macam pi makan angin pula. Felt so tired, sampai lah sekarang.penat
Oh ya, I'm here since 5days ago, with my JB and Mum. And they've already back in KK this morning. I miss JB.sedih I love u baby. cium
Bah ok lah, sa mau rest dulu. I'll tell u more in my next post.

Nitez all..Hugss..


chegu carol said...

kesian you, have to be own your own in a stranger land. hope u cope well ya.

mArMaLaDe said...

carol: thanx..luckily, sa nda homesick juga la, but i really miss KK..