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Saturday, August 22, 2009

My 1st Week

It's been a week I work as a banker. It's hard because I didn't have any knowledge or experience on working in a bank. My 1st meeting with the boss was on Wednesday and I didn't get a good respond. He's a bit disappointed because I didn't know anything Honestly, I have to admit that I didn't know anything and i didn't answered his questions(actually sa tau apa mau jawab, tapi ni mulut kan nda pandai becakap..nervous bah!). Well, I have to agree with him about the 'things' he told me. I'm lucky. That's all I can say. BUT, it doesn't mean I'm really lucky. No! Since I didn't start from 'below', it means I have a lot of things to learn. And I have to learn 'their' work too. Until now, I know a lil bit lah. 1week is not enough to learn it all, even some of them who'd been working there for a year said they're still new, coz there's a lot more to learn. YEAH! Sangat susah bagi orang-orang macam sa ni, macam mana mo supervise orang kalau nda pandai. ketukmeje

But I'm glad coz my colleagues were good to me(bukan semua lah, but mostly). Maybe some of them didn't like me. Who knows kan, tapi harap-harap tiada lah. senyum I like my supervisor, she's a really good officer(even the boss pun puji dia). Kasi pendek cerita, dorang memang banyak tolong sa. Thanks to them. I'll try to do my best kio!

And, I miss my JB. Missing him a lot! And my family too! JB, if u read this, I Love & Miss U!

*Kalau selalu di kampung, Saturday is our moginum day. I miss that too.


Anonymous said...

Hang on you can do it moi..:) hugs.. Kk an tawau..inda la jauh sangat. worse come to worse..take bus over the weekend balik kk ..lepas rindu and then sunday balik lagi. :) its crazy..but hey, one got to do what one has to do kan. :D

chegu carol said...

what do you do exactly? kerja admin kah? well, over times ko buli juga bah tu. happy weekend nonetheless!

mArMaLaDe said...

Emelda: yeah..tu lah nda jauh, but am not planning to balik kg this month la, next month..hehe..agree with u moi! ;)

Carol: sa bahagian operation-yang mau open savings acc and apply credit card..d rumah pun belajar lagi mash ni..hehe ;)

*Happy weekend to both of u.. ;D