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Monday, August 3, 2009

Sick & Mom

I’m sick and that H1N1 news is really freaking me out. Well, I’m exactly not infected with H1N1 virus. Why? Because I’m only at home, didn’t go anywhere. Demam biasa saja bah. But of course, I’m scared too. Babe smsed me and said, he’s also not feeling very well. Suddenly, just like me. This must be because of my sister, dia yang kasi jangkit. Huhu. Sudahlah teda ubat di rumah. I asked my mom, “ada ubat batuk ka?” she replied, “ada ubat batuk di hospital”. Punya kick jawapan dia! Mau marah nda buli, mau ketawa pun nda buli, teda mood mau cari gaduh sama dia. Sott.

Talking about my mom, well, I have to admit that I’m proud to have a mom like her. She might not treat me really good as my other sibling, but I know deep down in her heart, he loves all of us. Sometimes, I wonder how she can stand living like this. I mean, ‘like this’. It is just too complicated, can’t tell u guys. I just can say, it’s hard to be her. She is a very tough woman. She is tougher than me. She eats alone.

Hopes everything is going to be fine when I’m not around. And I also really hope that no one will bully them. I want to change our life, a better life. Help them when they needs me. And now, I have a goal. I want to buy her a car. Kereta kecil pun nda apa, asal dia ada transport mau pegi jalan2. Wah! Tingginya angan2 sa. Haha! Hopefully, someday. And I also to Jott, sa mau balas semua jasa dia. Selalu dia yang tolong sa, lenkali sa lagi yang tolong dia. Macam orang bilang, ‘Jangan jadi kacang lupakan kulit’.

Wah! Apa bah sa melalut ni? Haha! Whatever it is, I’m gonna do my best for my family and for Jott.

God bless my family. Amen.

PS: Sorry for the post tittle, don't know what should i name this post. ;P


maslight said...

LOL crita sakit pigi crita mum ka? XD anyways r u feeling any better? eat medicines. Take care. Get well soon!

mArMaLaDe said...

Mas: hahaha...nda tau pa mo cerita kan..XD
still not feeling good, but ody eat medicine laa...thanx Massy! take care too.. :D