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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I've lost my wallet

I was thinking of doing a business post about HERO15, but I changed my mind.

I've lost my wallet today, well actually last nite. I didn't realize I dropped my wallet *in a small bag*, in front of the gate. Damn it! If only I've checked my bag, I don't have to be worried all day long. Luckily, the person who saw my wallet only took the cash, including the coins. And of course I'm sad, suda la sa belum gaji. But that doesn't really matter now, the important thing is, my photos. Well, who knows he/she took my photos and jampi2. PALIS2!! Oh btw, my ID card and ATM cards are still in inside the wallet. It seems like he/she's in a hurry or he/she is a kid. He didn't take my gold ring*it's actually JB's ring*, but he took my nosering. Weird huh? My 1st bad experience here excluded the customer thingy. I'm still worried till now. Tadi pagi lagi teruk, begegar badan sa.

But, like I always said, things happen for a reason. Maybe God has a plan for me in future, hopefully it's a good thing. And I also wanna thank God for his bless, at least I only lose my money, not me. Right? Today's lesson, buy a bigger bag!


Madu Beracun said...

i've never lost a purse, but i lost 3 phones in 3 consecutive months. and oh, 2 tees, too. still can't get over it till now. grrr.

mArMaLaDe said...

malang betul nasibku..huhuhu.. T.T