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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wanna be a Star?

Why does everyone wants to be a Superstar? OK I'm 1 of them too..LOL! kenyit But that's an old dream of mine. I dream of performing in a big concert with some of the world best artist. Ha Ha!

When I was a little girl, I loves to sing. I 1st joined a singing competition when I'm still in primary school, but I never win. Budak lagi kan, mana lah tau apa tu pitching and ayat2 yang sewaktu dengannya. Tapi nda juga lah selalu kalah, yang mula2 ja kunun. sengihnampakgigi I think my 1st piala(yang knun dapat number) time sa darjah 6 kalo nda silap, and my last piala was last year kali tu. Lepas tu nda pandai menang2 lagi, telampau banyak saingan sudah. Ha ha! But still got o be in the final la.
I've joined many auditions too since 2005 until 2009~AF, Mentor, OIAM, Gangstarz, Idola Sabah, MystarzLG~ tapi teda nasib, except for Idola Sabah 2005 and MystarzLG 2. Was the Top10 in Idola Sabah and Top20 in MystarzLG.
Yay! Rindu pula mau join lagi, tapi malas sudah. Time tu masih berkobar2 lagi mau jadi artis kunun, tapi sekarang macam teda mood sudah. Why? Because I think, zaman sekarang dorang nda tingu sangat tu bakat, they're more on personality and background. Sometimes we have to act like we're so poor. LOL! And cantik. merajuk Bah jan kamurang mara, ini based on my experienced. Lucky lah tu sepa yang dapat.
Some of my friend pun lucky, ada yang dapat AF, MytarzLG, BintangRTM, OIAM and ada sudah jadi local artist. All the best to them especialy to Ridah! May all ur hardworks nda sia2. Bagi mereka yang mau jadi artis untuk popular saja, bagus ubah la tu. He he he. Jan marah kio! kenyit

For people out there who wants to be a star, make sure u have the looks and the talents. Macam si Esther kan, mantap! He he. Macam si Ridah juga. Oh macam si Joanna lagi. And banyak lagi laa...... senyumkenyit

Anyways, sorry if ni post macam teda2. Dunno what to tell u guys. If I talk about bussiness, lagi lah boring! LOL! Oh and I'm ok here in Tawau, luckily nda la homesick but I miss m JB and my family for sure.
Hopefully I can make it to be in the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering this Oct, fingers crossed!

OK..I don't wanna be a Star anymore, let me be a successfull enterpreuner!


maslight said...

The first statement I read, my answer would be coz they like to sing or they just want fame. And this particular post remind me of my eldest sis. She loves to sing too and she joined numerous amount of singing competition before, she's a DJ now XD Well everyone might know her if they listen to Sabah Vfm ;)

mArMaLaDe said...

Mas: haha..yeah..eh ur sis is DJ Selina right?hehe..sa rasa sa pernah dengar..and i've seen her somewhere b4.. ;D

QueeN BaNDitz said...

wah.. Ridah also mentioned here..hehe..well, u r rite..to be in this industry, u shud have 1 more thing to be consider of. U hv 2 be strong and have a faith of what u can do. Sometime or someday, people will talk about you n always looking for ur weaknesses. It's not easy to be in this field. So, don't stop and don't give up. U cant take this field to be ur main authority but still u can pursuing (ngam ka ejaan ni) ur dream. Good luck buddy.. :) :*

mArMaLaDe said...

Darling..Ridah is a great singer! it's just some ppl din really appreciate her talent, some is taking advantage of her..hope she'll be 1 of the best is sabah!

Good Luck to u buddy! xoxo